Let’s Go Over

Has anyone ever said to you, “I told you so!”? How did that make you feel? I know I just LOVE when I get to come face to face with my own mistakes/misjudgments, etc only to have some wizard point out to me that they were right all along! It’s a real pick me up isn’t it? Of course I’m being sarcastic here but I do think it’s something we can all struggle with. We want to know that we’re right- that we’re in control and if we sometimes need to verbally affirm that with an “I told you so”…so be it.

Thank goodness our good God does not rub our noses in our own shortcomings and unbelief. Instead, he demonstrates his authority and His love in hopes that we learn to trust in Him. To know that we put all of our eggs in the basket that is JESUS. As the popular song by Hillsong “Cornerstone” declares- “My hope is built on nothing else, then Jesus blood and righteousness

In today’s message, we’ll cover a few scenes- in Jesus’ journey. Through all these things, however we’ll see the common theme of Jesus focus on what eternally matters, his demonstration of power to prove that he has authority to speak of such things and his Love that can and will overcome all obstacles if we truly desire Him! Enjoy!