Daily Devotion

Obedience and Wonder.

…It never occurs to them to say, ‘How can we honor our God with our lives, The God who gives rain in both spring and autumn and maintains the rhythm of the seasons, Who set aside time each year for harvest and keeps everything running smoothly for us?’ Of course you don’t! Your bad behavior blinds you to all this. Your sins keep my blessings at a distance. – Jeremiah 5:20-25 (msg)

If we remove the Wonder, we potentially remove the ‘why’? Why would we obey a wonder-less God? Why would I give up my right to myself to a wonder-less God? Throughout the entire Bible, there is the common element of Wonder… beginning with ‘The Beginning.’ We have a Creator who spoke our world into existence… Story after Bible story tells how a God, bigger than worldly circumstances, shows up and sets things Right. Why does this even matter? Because, if I embrace the Wonder of a God who ‘maintains the rhythm of the seasons… and keeps everything running smoothly for us’, I will prefer His infinite ways to my very finite ways. 

He offers to take care of us if we give Him control. He promises His ways are higher. He promises that He loves us. He promises that He has Good Plans for us… and if I look to Him instead of thinking about myself all day, giving up the right to myself, He promises to provide for all my needs. I am more than a little curious as to what a star-breathing God has planned for me… We don’t have to keep His Blessings at a distance – through the Power of the Holy Spirit – His gift to us – we can believe and trust Him with our lives, moment by moment; We can have His Infinite Spirit in us guiding us Home, into Him.

You’re blessed when you get your inside world – your mind and heart – put right. Then you can see God in the outside world. -Matthew 5:8 (msg)