Daily Devotion


“Indeed in nothing is the power of the Dark Lord more clearly shown than in the estrangement that divides all those who still oppose him.” -JRR Tolkien

How slow we are to see the damage our world religions and ideals cause, our desires for power and control and self-importance. Using any evils to try to do Good is never going to work out in the end; fighting fire with fire only causes more fire. We are asked to be the Light of the world. We fight fire with Living Water – God’s Light and Life, His Spirit, poured out through us. There is nothing, apart from God, that can save us. That is our Hope! That is our proclamation! Sweet surrender. That is where we unite, under His Goodness and His Glory, surrendering our selfish ambitions to a God of pure and perfect Love, trusting and expectant.

“And everyone who looks up to Him, trusting and expectant, will gain a real life, eternal life.” -John 3:15