Daily Devotion

God’s Grace.

“The head of the palace staff, by God’s grace, liked Daniel,…” -Daniel 1:9

Grace is an interesting thing. It’s even more interesting when we realize that Grace is God’s, AND He alone is the bestower of Grace. 

Sometimes I have Grace and sometimes I don’t – in the past, I always assumed my lack of Grace came from a lack of the Holy Spirit, while this sometimes may be true, I’m not 100% sure anymore. It might be more accurate to say that my definition of Grace was very skewed and/or limited. Grace is unmerited favor. We assume that favor should always look a certain way. God by nature is Gracious; we are not, so our definition may be lacking.

What I’m trying to get around to is that I don’t believe we have as much control over Grace as we would like to believe. It is God’s to pour out. Sometimes it seems to overflow while other times it seems what I would have defined as Grace is absent… or is it?

Take Moses for example. His approaching Pharoah hardened Pharoah’s heart. He was obeying God, but Moses wasn’t sent to save Pharoah from his hard-heartedness but to Glorify God. Interesting huh. We want to be the ‘feel good’ savior; that is our nature… a very limited viewpoint of what Grace can be. God is the Ultimate Savior – not limited by feelings. 

It is absolutely beautiful to consider that, as I walk with the Lord, He is the Gift-Giver, the Granter of Grace. A Glorious revelation… A freeing revelation. I don’t know why God grants compassionate Grace in one situation and a firm, steadfast Grace in another situation. He is only asking me to walk with Him, and He is always simplifying my humanness into a deeper understanding of Him and His Completeness. 

Praise You Lord!