Bradley Christian School. Bradley SD. He Lives Church.
Bradley Christian School. Bradley SD. He Lives Church.

BCS was founded in 2012.

There is only one thing worth being concerned about; Mary has discovered it and it will not be taken from her. -Luke 10:42


Our goal at BCS is to focus our lives on Jesus, the light and the cornerstone. We strive to provide a quality education as well, but without ignoring what is most important, our Father and Creator. He is at the root of all we learn and explore. He is the reason and the giver of life. Read our full mission below.


We use a variety of resources including but not limited to: the Bible, Genesis Curriculum, Yay Math, Easy Peasy (All In One), Torchlighters, Buck Denver, Is Genesis History, Spanish, Music, Sign Language, and interactive learning and problem solving.

Set Up.

We are a K-12, one-room community homeschool. We are in school 9am to 1pm, Monday through Friday.

Entering Kindergarten.

To enter into Kindergarten you must be at least 5 to 6 years old and have completed both the ‘First Step’ and the ‘Big Step’. Visit this link to learn more. If you need the books, you can order them online or contact us. Kindergarteners at BCS will start with the ‘Giant Leap’. Anybody interested in learning more or if you think BCS might be right for you and your child(ren), please let us know.


Tuition is not required. God has and continues to provide for BCS in so many ways, and if you feel BCS is a good fit for your family, please contact us.

Some families do want to pay tuition, if that is the case, here is a guideline or you can simply make a donation. Tuition: $1200/year

Full Mission Statement

Written by Anna Postal, March 2021

The school will be going on it’s 9th year this next fall, and in this process of teaching and growing in faith, I have learned so much. God continues to reveal truths and grow my understanding.

The one absolute truth I have discovered; we are here to glorify Our Father in heaven. How we do this varies greatly based on the person and their circumstances. 

A pattern I have discovered, whether you homeschool, public school, or private school, a child’s education is greatly impacted by the parent’s or provider’s role in that child’s life and the parent’s walk with Christ.

Another truth I feel compelled to address is, regardless of circumstance, we are saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. And no matter who we are, we each have opportunities placed before us to do with what we will. 

There are stories of children who were taught to read in refugee camps or as slaves and went on to change the world because of their desire to learn and work and to bring about new opportunities for their people.

We seem to be on the other end of that spectrum right now. Our culture is fighting against entitlement. We are also fighting the same temptation everyone has to battle – the battle of God’s light in us against self, self indulgence, selfishness, self reliance.

Given these truths, I want to clarify and outline my intentions as I teach my children and other’s children. 

I don’t believe in levels or grades. I believe in integrity, joy, and working hard. We are not a public school and I do not believe in passing kids to the next level if they don’t understand or aren’t willing to try. If we don’t try and fail, we never grow and learn. 

My prayer and desire for all the children at BCS is that they understand God created them for a purpose, and through the opportunities presented to them, they may learn to work hard for the love of working and growing and learning and ultimately to use their gifts and talents and integrity to glorify our Father in Heaven.

What does this look like at BCS? I am willing to teach them until they can step out and pursue their callings. This is the reason we teach and learn. We sell it short when we make it about a piece of paper. Learn, grow, and pursue… and do it all with a heart resting in Our Savior. 

With the new homeschool bill being passed, we no longer need to submit the homeschool form every year; we submit it once online to the state. With all of the above being said, I would like each parent to put themselves as their child/ren’s primary teacher. I will help and continue to teach at the school – but at the end of the day, we are responsible for our child’s education until they become responsible for it. The sooner we can teach them integrity, self-control, and a work ethic – the more freeing and purposeful their education becomes. I am personally very much aware that all good things in our lives are a result of His light in us. We can try in vain to make these things real, but in the end, if they aren’t of Him, they become a false floor so to speak. This is why I teach with such passion the importance and beauty of the Gospel of Christ. He is the foundation for all that is good… the only true necessity.
With the new bill, testing is no longer required for homeschoolers, but you can still test your children if you would like, as often as you would like if that is something you believe in doing. 

So this brings me to the last part; I believe it would be truly best and beneficial if each parent was responsible for signing their child’s diploma as a homeschooled student. I would be happy to endorse it should they work hard and continue to grow and learn, and will help in any way I possibly can and continue to teach at the school. Progress of students will not be based on levels but on working understanding in all subjects and I will continue to challenge them and ask them to continue to grow. I plan to use the full Genesis Curriculum moving forward except for Hebrew. I will continue to teach Spanish, sign language, music, art, along with reader workbooks, readers, and math. We have now used the Genesis Curriculum for two years, parents should know what this is about. If you haven’t taken a real close look, I encourage you to do that as you decide if this will fit your family’s needs.

Please prayerfully consider how this affects your family. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am open for discussion.

May God’s love and truth guide us. 

Annual Reports